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Thursday, 03 December 2015 11:59

Business Environment

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Business Environment


Q. 1.  Define environment and explain various critical elements of macro-economic environment Also examine the interaction between economic and non-economic environment.

Q.2. Explain the trends in industrial policy in India.  What measures have been taken recently to liberate the industry  from excessive controls?

Q.3.  Discuss the problem of poverty in India.  What measures has the Government taken for the removal of poverty in India?

Q.4.  What do you mean by privatisation?  Why is privatisation advocated these days?  Indicate possible areas of privatization in India.

Q.5 Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is increasingly important in economic development because f its close links in trade, financial flows and technology transfer  Explain the above statement and examine the policy of the government regarding promoting foreign capital in India.

Q.6.  What do you understand by Social responsibilities of Business?  Pont out the various elements involved in this .

Q.7.  Critically examine the rationale behind establishing Public Sector Enterprises (PSEs) inIndia.  What are the reasons for unsatisfactory performance of these enterprises?  What should be the future policy towards PSEs?

Q.8.   Explain the concepts of (a)  monopolistic trade practices,  (b)  restrictive trade practices and (c)  unfair trade practices under the MRTP Act 1969.  Has India succeeded in preventing concentration of economic power through MRTP?  Illustrate with suitable examples.

Q.9.  Explain the objectives of economic planning in India.  Discuss the achievements of economic planning in our country in the light of these objectives.

Q.10.  Point out the need for providing protection to consumers.  What measures have been taken by the Government of India to protect the interest of the consumers? [Faculty notes]

Q.11.  What do you mean by Industrial Sickness?  What factors are responsible for this ?  What has been the Government policy to avoid industrial sickness? [Faculty notes]

Q.12.  Analyse the framework of the Indian financial system.  What are the main recommendationsof the Narasimham committee on financial sector reforms?

Q.13.  What circumstances lead to preferring foreign capital to foreign aid and debt?  Criticallyevaluate the policy  measures adopted by the Government of India to encourage inflow of foreign capital.

Q.14.  Explain the major objectives of the public sector, Give different criteria t evaluate the performance of public enterprises.  Comment on hw to resolve the possible conflict between autonomy and public accountability of public enterprises.

Q.15.  Discuss the balance of payments crisis in India.  Explain critically the emerging trade policy issues.

Q..16     a)       Define the following:

Balance of trade; balance of invisible transfers; current account balance; capital account balanceand balance of payments.

Q.17 .  Collect data on foreign technical and financial collaborations for two different periods 1985-90          and 1991-2001 and write a detailed note on the annual trends of these collaborations.

Q.18 a)   Distinguish between basic restructuring and financial restructuring.

Q.19.   write short notes on :

Q20. write short notes on :

  1. Black economy
  2. Inflation


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