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MCO-04 Question Bank

MCO-04 Question Bank (2)

MCO-04 Question Bank,  Business Environment 

December, 2012

MC0-04 : Business Environment

1.  "Economic conditions, economic policies and systems are important external factors that constitute the economic environment of a business." Explain this statement and give Indian illustrations to show interaction between economic and non-economic environment.

2.  Discuss the institutional framework that has been evolved for the promotion and growth of small sector in India. What are the major constraints that are still being faced by the small scale sector?

3.  (a) Explain any two of the following :

(i)  Indian Patents Act, 1970, an Overview.

(ii)  Convertibility of rupee on capital account.

(iii)  Administered prices.

(b)  Distinguish between  any two  of the following :

(i)  Import substitution and Export Promotion.

(ii)  Balance of Trade and Balance of Payments

(iii)  Monopolistic and Restrictive Trade Practices.

4. What do you mean by privatization ? Why is it considered necessary today ?Explain the possible areas of privatization and point out the problems associated with privatization in India.

5. "The scope and coverage of labour legislation are very wide and overlapping." Discuss this statement by giving an overview of labour legislation in India.

6.  What is 'economic policy'? What are its different forms? Explain various objectives of fiscal policy. Why is co-ordination between monetary and fiscal policies necessary ?          

7.  Discuss the main deficiencies of Indian Money  Market, and state the reformist measures introduced by Reserve Bank of India to strengthen the Indian Money Market.

8. (a) State the provisions of the Competition Act 2002 with respect to regulation of monopolies in India.

(b) What are the rights conferred upon  Consumers under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 ? Who can file a complaint under the Act ? Explain.

9. Why is foreign capital so important for India's economic development ? Point out important Policy changes announced by the Government to attract foreign capital since July, 1991.

June, 2013

MCO-04 : Business Environment

1. Explain briefly the critical elements of socio-cultural environment of business and their

impact on business decision making.

2. Explain the salient features of companies (Amendment) Bill, 2003.

3. Distinguish between money market and capital market ; and discuss the importance of stock exchanges for (i) companies (ii) investors and (iii) society.

4. (a) Explain the concept of political environment of business and its critical elements.

(b) State the main provisions of the Take Over Code as modified by SEBI in 1997.

5. Why is Indian economy regarded as an underdeveloped economy ? Analyse its basic


6. "Fiscal policy has multi-dimensional role". In the light of this statement explain the objectives of fiscal policy in India and state as to how far these have been accomplished ?

7. Describe the various export promotion measures initiated by the Govt. of India and state as to how far these have facilitated the foreign trade.

8. Explain the concept of 'unfair trade practice' with examples, and state the powers of MRTP commission for the control of such practices.               

9.  Write explanatory notes on  any two  of the following :

(a)  Approaches to social accounting

(b)  Consumer protection councils

(c)  Financial Sector Reforms

(d)  Foreign Direct Investment Policy 

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