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  1. "Human Resource Management is a staff function but a line responsihility". Comment.
  2. "Effective management of human resources is essential for the prosperity and welfare of an organisation, a society and a nation". In the light of this statement, describe the role of human resource management.
  3. "Management of personnel is a basic responsibility of every manager." Discuss.
  4. "Human Resource Management seeks to achieve personal and social goals." Explain. Outline the major functions of Human Resource Management.
  5. "Management is personnel administration". Continent.
  6. “Personnel function play's a vital role in the whole scheme of management of an industrial organisation." Elucidate.
  7. "Personnel management is a staff function but a line responsibility". Comment.
  8. "A good personnel manager is no longer just a hirer and firer of men ". In the light of
  9. "A personnel manager is a change agent in the organisation". Elucidate
  10. "Management of personnel is the responsibility of every manager and there is no need for a separate personnel department." Explain critically.
  11. Define "personnel policies" and describe their nature.
  12. "Personnel policies serve as guideposts to personnel decisions." Explain
  13. "A sound personnel policy must satisfy certain essential conditions." Elucidate.
  14. "Human resource planning is a prerequisite for effective management of human resources." In the highs of this statement, analyse the significance of human resource planning.
  15. "Scientific recruitment of personnel and their proper placement are importajtt in effectively achieving corporate objectives." Discuss.
  16. “The logical approach to staffing begins with a careful assessment and planning of current and prospective requirements." Comment.
  17. "Employee selection in India is a process of elimination and not an evaluation." Comment.
  18. "Interviews stiffer from some limitations". Describe these limitations. How can inter-views he made more effective?
  19. “Training programmes are helpful to avoid personnel obsolesence.” Illustrate.
  20. “Human resource development is nothing but looking at the development of manpower of an organisation in the light of its requirements” comment.
  21. “Job evaluation determines the worth of a job and not of job holder”. comment.
  22. "Various legislations have imposed upon the employer obligations for providing different kinds of employee services and benefits." Name and explain five such statutory benefits.
  23. "Scope of labour welfare needs to be considered pragmatically and has to be both dynamic and elastic." Do you agree? Give reasons.
  24. “Accurate appraisal of performance is very difficult”. In the light of this statement discuss the problems in performance appraisal.
  25. “High rates of absenteeism and labour turnover are harmful to both employers and employees.” Explain.
  26. "Accidents don't just happen, they are caused". Do you agree with this statement? Justify your views with cogent reasons. What measures would you recommend to prevent accidents in an industrial establishment?
  27. "Various legislations have imposed upon the employer obligations for providing different kinds of employee services and benefits." Name and explain five such statutory benefits.
  28. "Scope of labour welfare needs to he considered pragmatically and has to he both dynamic and elastic." Do you agree? Give reasons.
  29. "Various social security legislations in India have provided for financial benefits payable by the employer to his employees without the employees having to make any contribution". Name one such legislation and explain the nature of benefits provided for.
  30. "Industrial worker in India is secured against all social risks from birth to death". Do you agree 7 Give reasons.
  31. "Too often discipline is thought of only in the negative sense. In reality, positive discipline is more effective and plays a larger role in business management". Discuss the statement and point out the principles to be borne in mind while taking disciplinary action.
  32. "A sound grievance procedure must contain some essential features." Explain.
  33. "An effective grievance handling procedure is preventive rather than curative". Explain.


       34."In the highest form of discipline all are self-regulated and all are free." Comment.

some more questions on HR

  1. “Collective bargaining assumes collective wisdom of both management and labour” Discuss.
  2. "Workers' participation in management is essential to industrial democracy and socialistic pattern of society.” In the light of this statement, discuss the role of workers’ participation in management.
  3. "Workers' participation in management has failed in India." Do you agree? Give reasons.
  4. "Worker participation envisages full involvement of workers in management process." Comment.
  5. "Industrial relations in India are largely regulated, shaped and structured by the State." Comment.
  6. "There are three actors in industrial relations." Comment
  7. 'Trade union movement in India has not developed on healthy lines." Discuss.
  8. "In spite of more than 100 years of experience, Indian trade unions remain under-developed." Elucidate.
  9. "Trade unions in India have failed to serve the objectives for which they were formed" Do you agree? Give reasons.
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