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1 Discuss customs and rituals related to life cycle? 

2 How can various archaeological sites in India be made attractive for the tourists ?

3 Critically examine the stylistic classification of music in India ?

4 Differentiate between Hindi cinema and regional cinema. Analyse in brief the achievements of Indian cinema ?

5 Write short notes on any two of the following in about 250 words each :
(i) Mughal Architecture
(ii) Parsi Theatre
(iii) Papier Mache

6 Analyse chief characteristic features of north Indian cities in the 6th century B.C. ?

7 Discuss the growth of Indian handicrafts. Enumerate the weaknesses of the handicrafts sector in India?

8 Examine salient features of tourism policy in India?

9 Discuss various sculptural forms of ancient India?

10 Write a note on major Hindu sects?

11 Describe the richness of Indian culture and its assimilative traditions ?

12 Write a brief note on some of the major fairs and festivals of India ?

13 Write a detailed note on the conservation of culture ?

14 Analyse the socio-cultural changes during theGupta period ?

15 Trace the development of cinema in post independence India ?

16 Discuss the development of Mughal architecture.Name at least five important Mughal monuments which are used as tourist attraction ?

17 Write a note on Indian textiles and custumes ?

18 Discuss beliefs, cultural patterns and dress styles of some of the important tribes of India?

19 Assess the growth of wood and metal crafts of India ?

20 Write short notes an any two of the following in about 300 words each :
(a) Mohenjodaro
(b) Modern Indian Paintings
(c) Folk Theatre
(d) Ancient Sculpture

21 Discuss 'Cultural involution' in the case of Bali and Toraja. What significance can it have in Indian case ?

22 Give an account of the main features of Bhakti and Sufi movements in India ?
23 Discuss the essential elements that constitute Indian music ?

24 Discuss various forms of modern Indian theatre.How can theatre contribute in the promotion of tourism ?

25 Write a note on the stupa and rock-cut architecture in Ancient India ?

26 Discuss the roles of the Museum in the promotion of Tourism ?

27 What is identity ? Discuss the formation of Tribal identity?

28 What are the government policies for the development of tourism in India ?

29 What is the role of mass media in development of tourism ?

30 Write short notes on any two of the following in about 300 words each , 
(a) Pottery in the Ganga Valley
(b) Image of women in Indian Cinema
(c) Kumbh Mela
(d) Papier Mache.

31 Discuss the important characteristics of Indian festivals and fairs. Can they be used as tourism products ?

32 Discuss the main features of Indo-Islamic architecture. Pick up any 2 monuments of your choice ?

33 Describe the main tribal zones of India. How will the development of tourism affect them ?

34 Write a note on the development of modern Indian theatre ?

35 List the main textiles of India. Which ones do the tourists like the most ?

36 Why is the conservation of culture important ? Explain the main aspects of this conservation.

37 Write a note on the evolution of modern Indian painting?

38 Discuss the various features of the Bhakti and Sufi movements in India ?

39 Write a note on the importance of stone craft in the Indian handicrafts tradition ?

40 Write short notes on any two of the following in about 300 words each : 
(a) Rock-cut architecture
(b) Women in Indian Cinema
(c)Educational Role of Museums
(d)Tradition of Religious Tolerance in India

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