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Wednesday, 09 December 2015 10:48

MS 68 JUNE 2015

Term-End Examination
June, 2015
 1. Briefly discuss the key behavioural concepts that are relevant in the conception and development of suitable communication plan in the following situations :

 (a) On-line Management Program

 (b) Chain of Fast Food Joints

 2. (a) Why is Message design and development of Vital importance in every advertising campaign planning across product categories ? Explain with two suitable examples of your choice.

 (b) Briefly explain the various methods used to conduct advertising effectiveness research.
MS-68 1 P.T.O.
3. (a) What are the various types of media available to the Indian Advertisers ? Discuss. (b) Why is media selection process considered as a crucial task ? Elaborate.
4. Write short notes on any three of the following :

 (a) Rural Media Scene

 (b) One-sided Vs two-sided Message

 (c) Effectiveness of Internet advertising

 (d) Consumer promotions

 (e) Functions of Advertising Agency

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