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Software engineering

Software engineering
1) Suppose we wish to computerize the activities of study centers, which offer various programmers of the university. The activities are as follows :

(i) Forwarding the counselor's biodata to Regional Centre.
(ii) Schedule the classes (both theory and practical)
(iii) Identify Practical Centers.
(iv) Collect TMA's from students and get it evaluated \l the counselors
(v) Student's enquiry
(vi) Dispatch of Award lists of TMA's to University

For the above mentioned system,

(1) Develop SRS.
(2, Draw DFDs upto second level.
(3) Identify the software modules and their functions.
(4) Propose a testing strategy for any two software modules mentioned in above.

(3)Make assumptions, wherever necessary.

(b) List at least five important qualities of software product and process. 

( c ) What is Agility ? List all the principles for those who want to achieve agility. 

(d) With the help of an example, explain the significance of the PERT chart.

2) What is a design method ? What are its five components ?

3) What is 4GL ? Explain at least three areas which are impacted by the advent of 4Gts.

4) "independence is measured using two qualitative criteria Cohesion and Coupling." Explain both of them in detail.

5) Explain how version control combines procedures and tools to manage different versions of configuration objects that are created during the s/w engineering process.

6) The requirements engineering process is accomplished through' the execution of functions like Inception, Elicitation, Elaboration' Negotiation, Specification, validation and Management' Explain the role and significance of each of the functions'

7) Explain the purpose of each o{ the system tests given below 
(i) Recovery testing
(iii) Security testing
(iii) Stress testing
(iv) Performance testing

8) Write short notes on:
(i) The Incremental Model
(iii) Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM)
(iv) Basis Path Testing

9) Income Tax department wants to automate its system. It has the following requirements
(i) Filing of annual IT forms through Internet
(ii) Filing of PAN card form through Internet
(iii) Online discussion form to handle different queries
(iv) Specify the three use-cases.
(v) Identify the classes and prepare the class diagram for it.

10) What is project scheduling ? Explain at least three functions associated with project scheduling.

11) Explain COCOMO model.

12) What is the importance of software documentation standards ? List any three

13) How is re-engineering different from reverse engineering ? Explain the restructuring technique for re-engineering with the help of an example.

14) List various McCall's Quality Factors. What do plain with example.

15) Justify the following statements :
(ii) Software Availability :
IMTTF/(MTTF + MTTR)I x700o/o

16) List any five principles for data specification used in data design at the component level.

17) Consider an Examination System for a school. It performs the following operations.
(a) Seating-plan generation and room allocation for students and invigilators.
(b) Maintaining records of different courses,student attendance and evaluators.
(c) Distributing and collecting answer scripts to/from different evaluators.
(d) Maintaining l Displaying student marks.
Based on the above specification, answer the following 
(a) Prepare SRS document for this system. 
(b) Design and draw DFDs upto two levels. 
( c ) Design a complete ER diagram with various components.

18) Write short notes on the following : 5
(a) Software Quality Assurance
(b) Data Coupling
(c) Cost Benefit Analysis
(d) Decision Tree
(e) Risk Management

19) ABC Multiplex movie theatre wants to automate its system. It has the following requirements to be fulfilled :

n It has 4 auditoriums (theatres).
n Normally new film releases/change of the films will be on Fridays only.
n Each auditorium will screen 4 movies daily.
n To provide the information about all the movies online on its website.
n To provide the online ticketing facility through credit cards or debit cards.
n Allow to book for families or in groups
n To offer some exclusive offers for its members.
n Should automatically send a newsletter every week about the latest information about the movies etc. and through e-mail to its members.

(20) For the above mentioned system :

(i) Prepare SRS document for this system.
(ii) Mention Hardware and Software requirements.
(iii) Design and draw DFD's upto two levels.
(iv) Design a complete ER diagram with various entities, relationships, cardinality etc.

(b) Define CMM. Explain various maturity levels in CMM.
(c) With the help of a diagram, describe the layered technology approach to software engineering.

21) "The prototype can serve as the first system. It is true that both the customers and developers like the model. Users get a feel for the actual system and developers get to build something immediately". In support with the above statement, explain the prototyping model and also suggest for which kind of projects, this paradigm is suitable. Also mention any two reasons where this paradigm can create problems. Make assumptions wherever needed?

(22) Compare and contrast size-oriented metrics with function-oriented metrics?
23) What do you mean by cyclomatic complexity ? How do we compute it ?

24) List the objectives of the Formal Technical Review (FTR). Also, mention the review reporting and record keeping process of FT& briefly.

25) What is the significance of user interface design for any project. Explain briefly, the user interface design guidelines.

26) Explain the following testing techniques :
(i) Unit Testing
:(ii) Integration testing

27) Write short note on the following :
(a) Temporal Cohesion
(b) Software Reliability
(c) Risk Management
(d) Reverse Engineering
(e) CASE Tools

28) A University's reception wants to automate the Visitor's Registration Process. It has the following requirements to be ful filled 
(a) To make note of the visitor's details, purpose of visit, time.
(b)Checking process whether she/he has taken the prior appointment of the visiting official
(c) To schedule the appointments
(d) To cancel the appointments
(e) To divert the visitors to other officials depending upon the purpose
(f) Follow-up activities after the visit.
(g) Report generation.

for the above mentioned system.
(i) Prepare the JRS document for this system
(ii) Mention hardware and software requirements.
(iii) Design and draw DFD's upto two levels.
(iv) Design a complete FR diagram with 4 various entities, relationships, cordinality etc.

29) What is the significance of software 8 configuration management ? Discuss the
role of CASE tools in S/W project management

30) List the cost estimation techniques explain any one of them.

31) Define the term "Risk". How will you 7 identify it ?

32) When can we say that the Software Project is amenable for Modular design ? Justify your answer.

33) (a) Explain equivalence partitioning.
(b) With the help of an example, explain the Flow Graph Notation.

34) Explain the following testing techniques :
(i) Stress testing
(ii) Performance testing

(35) Often, Software development companies outsource the job of testing the software developed by them. Why do they outsource ? Why don't they test software developed by themselves ?

(36) Write a short note on the following :
(a)Graph-based testing methods
(b)McCall's Quality Factors
(c) Cohesion

(37) Design a system for Enrolment Process of a Distance Education University.
(i) Draw DFD up to level
(ii) Prepare SRS document for the same.

(37) Which phase of the SDLC is considered to be the most important phase ? Discuss the reason for its importance.

(38) Describe several specific actions that should be taken during software development to achieve the maintainability of the software that is developed

(39) Explain what is meant by critical path scheduling. Describe the process of creating
Gantt charts. Give an example.

(40) Explain use cases and use case diagrams and how they can be used to model system

(42) A desirable property of requirements is that 8 it should be testable. Explain why testable requirements add in the production of high quality software.

(43) Discuss in detail the various software process models.

44) Explain McCabe's cyclomatic complexity with example.

45) Does programming languages have an impact on S/w project planning, analysis,
design, coding, testing and maintenance ? Discuss ?

46)Explain the following :
(a) Debugger
(b) Product Vs Process
(c) CASE Tools
(d)Cocomo Model
(e) Risk Management

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