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Top Financial Management question Bank


Top Financial Management question Bank 
1. Contrast the salient features of the traditional and modern approaches to financial management.
2. Discuss the three broad areas of financial decision making.
3. What is the justification for the goal of maximising the wealth of shareholders ?
4. Discuss the functions performed by the financial system.
5. Give some examples of financial assets.
6. Discuss the important functions performed by financial markets.
7. List the important functions performed by the financial statements
8. Present the account form as well as the report form of the balance sheet.
9. Describe the various asset accounts and liability accounts found on a company's balance sheet.
10. What are the different types of financial ratios ?
11. Discuss the important liquidity ratios.
12. Define and evaluate various leverage ratios.
13. State the equation for EPS.
14. What kinds of questions may be answered with help of cost-volume-profit analysis?
15. What assumptions underlie cost-volume-profit analysis?
16. Show schematically the planning system of a firm.
17. What are the elements of a corporate financial plan?
18. What are the benefits of financial planning?
19. Why does money have time value ?
20. State the general formula for the future value of a single amount.
21. What is the difference between compound and simple interest ?
22. Describe briefly the various concepts of value.
23. Discuss the basic bond valuation model.
24. State the formula for a bond which pays interest semi-annually.
25. How is the rate of return on an asset defined?
26. What is standard deviation? What are its important features?
27. Why is standard deviation employed commonly in finance as a measure of risk?
28. From the point of view of the option holder, discuss the payoffs of a call option and a put option just before expiration.
29. What are the payoffs of a call option and a put option just before expiration, from the point of view of the writer (seller) of the option?
30. Explain the put-call parity theorem.
31. Why are capital expenditures deemed very important?
32. Discuss the phases of capital budgeting.
33. Describe the commonly found categories in project classification.
34. What are the three elements of the cash flow stream of a project?
35. How is the time horizon for cash flow analysis usually established?
36. What does the separation principle say?
37. List the techniques of risk analysis.
38. Discuss the steps involved in sensitivity analysis

(a)  Explain Standardisation, codification and variety reduction giving examples.

(b)  Discuss vendor evaluation and rating.  Give a list of factors to be considered.



(a)  Explain the importance of waste management.  How do you dispose scarp, surplus and obsolete item?  Define wastivity.

(b)   Explain the line balancing concept giving suitable examples.



(a)  Explain the different operational decisions in Operations Management.

(b)  Discuss the role of scientific methods in Operations Management.



(A)  Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of continuous and batch processing.

(b)   Discuss with examples, the process for capacity planning.



Explain the steps of Method Study.  What is a two hand process chart? Give an example.
Discuss the use of Work Sampling in Work Study.  How do you calculate the number of observations to be taken/

(a)  Explain the concept of the balancing giving examples.

(b)  Discuss the various types of maintenance.  What do you mean by Signature Analysis?



(a)   “Value Engineering is an important tool to improve productivity,” Explain.

(b)   Explain Quality Assessment, Quality Control, Quality Assurance and Quality Circles.



(a)  Discuss the various functions of stores.  Explain the different storage systems.

(b)  Explain ABC, VED and FSN analysis, giving examples.



Discuss various objectives of Operations Management.
What do you mean by an integrated approach to materials management?  Explain.

Explain various key elements that should be considered in product design.
What are the various factors that govern the design of plant layout?

(a)  What are the various techniques of work measurement?  Discuss pre-determined motion time system.

(b)  What do you mean by Human Engineering ? What environmental factors need to be considered while developing a new method.?



(a)  Explain failure analysis and its use in industry.

(b)  “Aggregate planning helps us in smooth control of production” Explain  What are pure strategies?



(a)  What do you mean by ‘Value’? What are the different types of values ?  Discuss FAST diagrams, pointing out their relevance in design improvements.

(b)  What is the cost of quality? Explain acceptance sampling.  Discuss sampling plans.



(a)  What are the different approaches for timing of purchases?  How do you determine price of a product?

(b)  Discuss advantages of codification Standardisation and variety reduction.


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