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Top Management information system part -1


(1) It is said, “Information and communication are most of the time complementary and sometimes supplementary to each other”. Elaborate!

(2) What do you understand by competitiveness of ICT? Highlight the impact of ICT for the developing nations with respect to the economic activities.

(3) What are the hardware and software issues for the technology for convergence? Also explain what do you understand by soft switched-based applications?

(4) What are the standardized protocols for call control and media mapping in network multimedia communications over packet-based networks? Describe them!

(5) Write a detailed note on emerging trends in convergence of it and consumer electronics.?

(6) Briefly describe the modern practices and emerging trends related to technology, design and security issues involved in e-commerce?.

(7) What do you understand by Artificial Intelligence? What are the factors that highlighted the need of developing AI? What are the goals of AI?

(8) Discuss the application of AI with respect to the developments in the field of computers. Also discuss the major works that typically describes the earlier work done in AI.

(9) If you have to build artificial intelligence in your organization, what factors you would think of and take into consideration. Mention those factors in a stepwise manner ?

(10) Define Artificial Intelligence and mention some of its current applications.

(11) What are expert systems? Mention the working principles of expert systems.Also discuss how knowledge can be represented in expert systems.

(12) What are artificial neural networks? Discuss their business applications
(13) Discuss the salient features of the genetic algorithms. How do they differ from the artificial neural networks? Explain mutation and mating with the help of examples
(14) What are the factors that differentiate traditional logic and fuzzy logic? Explain the concept of membership characteristic function and also discuss the Business applications of Fuzzy Logic.

(15) Define decision support system in your own words. Exemplify using your organizational context.

(16) What are the characteristics of DSS? What are its components?

(17) Differentiate between DSS, MIS & EIS with the help of suitable examples.

(18) Why is DSS more of a facility than a system?

(19) Explain the major functions of DSS and its applications.

(20) What is group DSS ? What are the components of group DSS?

(21) What are the practical difficulties of using an operational system’s database to service the information needs of strategic decision-making?

(22) Briefly explain the importance of the Extract-Transform-Load operation, and the functions of the Load Manager component of a data warehouse.?

(23) Why is it important to separate fact data from reference data in a data warehouse?

(24) Why is metadata an important component of a data warehouse? What is a metadata repository and how is it used by the query manager component of a data warehouse?

(25) What do you mean by ‘business intelligence’? What is an OLAP Engine?

(26) Explain how the progress of data visualization technology in recent years has helped data analysts and business decision makers.?

(27) How can you use the Web as a data source for your data warehouse? What types of information can you get from the Web? Explain briefly the steps needed to ensure that only good quality, reliable data is loaded into the data warehouse from the Web.?

(28) How is data mining different from OLAP? Explain briefly.?

(29) What do you understand by “data” and “information”? Give three examples each to distinguish between data and information?.

(30) Explain the meaning of the terms database, database management system and database administrator in your own words.?

(31) Explain what do you understand by database management systems? Describe its components.?
(32) What are data models? How you would classify the data models? Differentiate between various data models with the help of an example.?

(33) What is normalization and why it is used? Explain with the help of an example how would you derive normal forms.

(34) Discuss different types of data in database system.What are the developments in database technology with respect to data types?

(35) Explain the concept of programming language. Explain identifiers, constants, expressions, and library functions.?

(36) Give points to support that Visual Basic is an excellent development tool. Highlight important features of VB.

(37) Java is not 100% pure object oriented language? Do you agree or not? Justify your answer.

(38) What do you understand by HTML? Present the features of HTML.?

(39) “Excel is a versatile spreadsheet package. It can do wonder for accountants”. Comment.

(40) “With so many ready made and customized software available-The need for a manager is to learn to use them effectively rather than learn to program them.”. Do you agree?

(41) What makes Java an almost perfect web programming language?What are its disadvantages?

(42) What are the different phases of traditional system life cycle?

(43) What are the three phases of traditional system life cycle where users are highly involved?

(44) What are the various steps and deliverables in the development phase?

(45) In which phase of system life cycle the following are performed? Defining the problem, identifying its causes, specifying the solution, and identifying the information requirements.?

(46) What are the three major areas of feasibility, which are addressed in system analysis?

(47) Which of the design lays out the components of the system and their relationship to each other, as they would appear to users?

(48) What types of resources are used in an information system?

(49) What are the different types of computer based information system used in different functional areas business by organizations?
(50) Who are the typical users of information system?


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