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Product Management Question BANK


Product Management Question BANK
Q 1 Discuss the role of product manager in the fast changing marketing environment of today.   
Q 2 What are the major reasons for firms undertaking portfolio analysis. How would you use the case quadrant approach to balance the product portfolio of a multiproduct company? Illustrate by taking the example of an Indian FMCG company   
Q 3 Product line decisions are crucial and vital in an enterprise. Discuss the factors influencing the product line decision.   
Q 4 Discuss the pricing options available for a new product. Suggest pricing method in the following situations and explain the reasons.
Introducing a line of economy range of men’s footwear (shoes)
Breakfast cereals
Compact discs (storage devices)   
Q 5 Explain branding as a strategy. How do you decide about the brand name of product – discuss a few approaches with suitable examples.   
Q 6 Identify and select suitable positioning for the following products. (faculty notes)
High end mobile phone hand set
New brand of wrinkle free trousers
Unisex sun glasses   
Q 7 Explain the concept of brand equity in the Indian scenario. What considerations make marketer believe that brands are financial assets?   
Q 8 Discuss the steps involved in the economic analysis of a new product concept. How would you estimate first time sales for a home appliance introduced for the first time in India?steps involved in the economic analysis of a new product(June 2001)   
Q 9 Discuss briefly the various sources of new product ideas you are familiar with. Using attribute analysis how would you generate new product idea for premium ink pen?  &nbsp>
Q 10 Briefly explain the major concept generation methods available to the Indian marketer.   
Q 11 What are the steps you will undertake to test market the following new products scheduled for launch
I. 100 c.c. diesel motorcycle
II. Improved premium toilet soap
III. Kitchen-masala paste.   
Q 12.What do you understand by the term “Product Launch”? Discuss and evaluate the recent launch of ‘Swift’, the new passenger car from Maruti Udyog Ltd.   
Q 13. Distinguish product from brand ? What is the role of product manager in :
FMCG company handling premium product line of toilet soaps.
Multinational firm associated with health drinks.
iii) Leading consumer electronics firm offering a wide range of voltage stabilizers.   
Q 14 Discuss the various product planning approaches adopted in your organization or any firm you are familiar with.   
Q 15.Discuss the basis for product line decisions in the following :
Pharmaceutical firm into formulations
Mobile hand set firm
Dear students you must add 3 to 4 lines own this help in detail   
Q 16 Comment on the perils of line extensions. Pickup two firms of your choice where faulty line extension decision proved disaster to the firm.   
Q 17 Discuss the concept of product life cycle (PLC). Comment on PLC as an aid to new product development planning strategies. (Faculty notes)   
Q 18 Why pricing of products in the Indian context is significant. What factors should marketer consider for competitive advantage while pricing the firms product. Pick up two examples of your choice where pricing strategy contributed to maximize the market share and profitability of the firm.   
Q 19 What are the characteristics of a brand and what does a brand communicate ? Illustrate your responses with three power brands in the Indian context .   
Q 20Besides employees, why does a firm consider brand as an important and most valuable asset. Discuss. .   
Q 21 a) Discuss the scope and significance of product management function in today’s dynamic marketing environment.   
b) With the help of suitable examples, explain the characteristics of convenience, shopping and speciality goods.   
Q 22 a) Explain the various interpretation of the term ‘new product’ giving suitable examples.   
b) Taking the example of educational toys, discuss how you can generate new product ideas using
Attribute analysis
Focus groups   
Q 23 a) Discuss the importance of packaging for a marketer of
Fast moving consumer goods
Industrial goods   
b) With the help of suitable examples explain the factors that can be responsible for the failure of a new product.   
Q 24 Does Homemade use an individual or a family branding strategy? What are the relative advantages and disadvantages of the two strategies?   
Q 25 What are the characteristics of a good brand name? How do you rate Homemade flavour names based on these criteria?   
Q 26 What role does marketing research play in new product development and brand name development? 

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