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Monday, 30 November 2015 10:08

Tourism management papers


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Important points to remember

Define tourism,

Understand the Tourism,

Explain the Features of tourism,

A tourist, tourist product and destination,

Types of tourism


1.Define tourism. Why is it different from travel?


2.Why is tourism called a phenomenon in modem society?


3. What are the essential feature of a tour? Why is a package tour a popular phenomenon? Explain the Purpose of Tourism


4. Differentiate between different forms of tourism and link them to impacts on the

environment and culture


5. Explain the origin and development of Mass Tourism and package holidays.


6. What do you understand by a total resort concept.


7. What is the link between vacations and tourism


8. What is he importance of statistical records in tourism?


9. Discuss the contributions made by Greeks for the development tourism.


10. What type of tourism was promoted by the British in India?


11. Why was the ITDC established


12. Why cannot Tourism be ignored by policy makers


13. Explain The success of a destination, howsoever attractive it may be depends on the effectiveness of the Tourist System.


14. Discuss the aims and functions of IATA.


15. Explain the functions and aims of TAAI.


16. Mention the types of travel visa. How can a travel visa be extended


17. Why should a tourist be advised to exchangc currency through lcgal channels only.


18. Describe the effects of pollution on tourism.

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