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Ms-43 December 2012 Management Control Systems

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December, 2012

Ms-43 : Management Control Systems

1. What are Business Unit Strategies? Explain the application of BCG Model and General Electric (GE) planning model in the formulation of business unit strategies.

2. Explain the concept of responsibility Accounting and describe its benefits? Briefly explain various types of responsibility centres.

3. What do you understand by Transfer Pricing? Discuss the various categories of inter-company transfer transactions.

4. What is 'investment centre'? Explain the concept of 'Return on Investment' (ROI) in the context of performance measurement of an investment centre.

5. Elaborate on the constituent parts of the performance measurement system and discuss the requirement for a performance measurement system.

6. Explain the characteristics of incentive compensation plans and discuss the various short term incentive plans.

7. Explain the general characteristics of banks and discuss how can management control systems contain risks faced by banks?

8. What are Developmental organisations? Discuss the main elements of control systems for these organisations. 

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