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Monday, 17 February 2014 09:30

Ms-57 June, 2013 Maintenance Management

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June, 2013

Ms-57 : Maintenance Management

1. (a) Explain the Life Cycle Cost and its components for any plant. Identify the factors affecting Life Cycle Profits of any industrial plant.

(b) What is preventive maintenance ? Explain different preventive maintenance tasks. How is total maintenance cost affected by the level of preventive maintenance.

2. (a) What do you understand by maintenance planning and scheduling ? Explain basic

principles for maintenance planning.

(b) Elaborate your understanding about maintenance control.

3. (a) Explain the key issues affecting maintenance organisation structure.

(b) Discuss the role of Information and Communication Technology for influencing

maintenance function.

4. (a) What do you understand by maintenance budgeting ? Explain Zero Based Budgeting.

(b) Elaborate your understanding about "Training in Maintenance Technology".

5. (a) What do you understand by the terms :

(i) design for manufacturability

(ii) design for serviceability

(iii) design for maintainability. Also discuss the relationship amongst them.

(b) Define Reliability, Maintainability and Availability. Establish relationship amongst them.

6. Write short notes on any four of the following :

(a) Condition Based Maintenance

(b) Maintenance Strategy

(c) Spare Parts Inventory Management

(d) Process Capability

(e) Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA)

(f) Maintenance Audit 

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