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Tuesday, 18 February 2014 11:58

IB0-03 June, 2013 India's Foreign Trade

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June, 2013

IB0-03 : India's Foreign Trade

1. Explain the concept of 'balance of payments' and the causes for its being adverse in India. Also state the two policy measures recently adopted for its improvement in India.

2. What are the two principal objectives of EXIM policy 2004-09 ? Explain its major provisions relating to exports.

3. "Garments have emerged as the star performers in the textile exports scenario". Elucidate, and state the factors responsible for the export growth of this sector.

4. Identify the various sectors and markets for India's chemical exports, and state India's competitive advantages and disadvantages in respect thereof.

5. Discuss the main issues involved in the international trade of services, and state the suggestions made by trade and industry to the Government for boosting services export.

6. Discuss the recent economic developmental trends and foreign trade of Japan.

7. (a) Explain briefly the role of World Trade Organisation (WTO) in the world trade.

 (b) "Marine products are an important item of India's agro-exports". Comment, and state

the problems faced in marine products export.

8. Write explanatory notes on any two of the following :

(a) Guidelines for effective export promotion strategies

(b) India's competitive advantages and disadvantages in leather products exports

(c) Indo-US Trade Prospects

(d) Trade Prospects between India and West Asia

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