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Financial market

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1. Discuss the role of Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) in regulating the Financial markets in India. Also briefly explain the major achievements of SEBI since its inception.

2. What is a 'financial market' ? Discuss the components of Indian Financial Markets and

explain how are they interlinked with each other ?

3. What is meant by Book Building process of Public Issues ? What are the different steps involved in the issuance of equity shares through this process ? Discuss its advantages also.

4.Explain the process of order execution in a stock exchange. Discuss the different types of order execution followed in Stock Exchanges in India.

5.What is meant by dematerialisation of securities ? Explain the process of dematerialisation of securities and the benefits of the 'Depository System'.

6.What are 'Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) ? Identify the major internationally accepted principles for accounting norms. Briefly, discuss the institutions and organisations which are associated with the development of the Indian GAAP.

7.What do you mean by 'Fundamental Equity Valuation' ? Explain briefly the Discounted Cash Flow techniques used in such valuation.

8. What is the importance of an investment philosophy ? Discuss different investment styles that are adopted by the investors while investing in stock market.

9.Describe the types of derivatives. Discuss the features of OTC derivatives markets. What are the uses of these derivatives ?

10. What are swaps ? Differentiate between different types of swaps with the help of suitable examples

11. What are call and put options ? Illustrate with an example. Discuss the different factors which determine the movement of option prices.

12. What is the need and purpose of hedging ? Explain the different types of option strategies for hedging.

13. What is a Commodity Derivatives Exchange ? Describe briefly the different commodity derivatives Exchanges in Asia.

14.Discuss briefly various types of orders placed by exchange members based on price related conditions and time related conditions in a commodity exchange.

15. What are the basic characteristics that have to be met by an article or a product in order to qualify as a commodity for future trading ? Discuss the various benefits of trading in commodity derivatives.

16. Briefly discuss the different base metals in the world. What are the factors that impact the prices of base metals ?

17.Explain the structure of sugar industry in India and discuss the importance of sugar as a major agricultural commodity.

18.. Explain the following with suitable examples :

Contango and Backwardation

Basis and Basis risk

19. What do you mean by 'Arbitrage' ? Explain the concepts of cash and carry Arbitrage and Reverse cash and carry Arbitrage with the help of examples.

20. Why are 'Warehouse Receipts' dematerialised ? Briefly explain the process of dematerialisation of warehouse receipts of commodities and mention the entities that are involved in this process ?

21. Explain the different types of demat accounts opened by the depositors of commodities ?

22. What are the features of foreign exchange markets and how do they compare with other financial markets ?

23. Explain spot and forward rates and the factors determining forward margins.

24.What is a currency option ? What are its types ? What are the factors that impact the pricing of an option ? Discuss.

25. Discuss the various techniques of currency exposure management.

26. What do you mean by Repo ? What are its uses ? How is it priced ? What are the different types of Repos ?

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