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Management of financial services

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Management of financial services


Q.1 Discuss the Economic and Financial functions of the Financial Market? explain the role played by the reserve bank  of India in regulating the money market in India.


Q.2 Explain the financial activities which come in the ambit of merchant Banking? What is  the code of conduct laid down by SEBI which the merchant bankers have to abide by?


Q.3 Corporate Restructuring is the process by which a company can consolidate its business operations and strengthen it position for achieving its desired objectives. Explain this statement and point out the different ways in which restructuring could be done. What do you understand by securitization?


Q.4 Describe the different types of instruments by which securitization can be implemented? Briefly explain the pricing of these instruments and also highlight the benefits of securitization to the institution and the investors.


Q.5 What do you understand by factoring? Mention the types of factoring and the terms and conditions of as vectoring contract.


Q.6 Distinguish between:

(a) Leasing and Hire Purchase

(b) Debt card and Credit card

( c) Market Risk and Currency Risk

(d) Open ended and close ended schemes of Mutual Funds


Q.7 Write short notes on any four:

(a) Zero coupon bonds

(b) typology of Credit Rating

(c ) Role of national Housing Bank  in housing finance

(d) Floating Rate bonds

(e) Global Depository Receipts



Q.1  Define external and internal risks. Discuss the broad classification fo risks faced by the financial services firms.


Q.2 The Indian debt market as of now is not yet a fully developed market although presently the movement securities market is a well developed market as compared to corporate debt market. hence to make the corporate debt market ore efficient hence to make the corporate debt market. hence to make the corporate debt market more efficient and vibrant, what are the issues which need to be addressed and resolved?


Q.3 Explain the steps involved in the process of merger. What are the factors that are considered while determining a firms value before taking a meager decision?


Q.4  What are the distinguishing characteristics of venture capital? Describe the different modes which are used for providing venture capital finance. What are the different alterative before the venture capitalism to exit form an invested company? Discuss


Q.5 (a) What do you understand by the term mutual fund? Explain the advantages fo investing in securities through mutual funds.

(b) describe briefly various constituents of a mutual fund.


Q.6 Write a detailed not on public issue management indicating clearly the various activities that  a merchant banker had to undertake before and after the issue.


Q.7 Describe the structure of the Housing Finance Industry in India. Emphasize the role of the National Housing Bank in housing finance.


Q.8 Write short notes on any four and following :

(a) forfeiting

(b) Credit Cards

( c) Typology of Credit Rating

(d) Assets Securitization

(e) Electronic Commerce


Q.9  Describe in detail the mechanism of Export Factoring and emphasize the precautions that any institution intending to launch export factoring services should take.


Q.10 What do you understand by Marina Insurance? Describe the four categories of marine insurance and discuss their main characteristics.


Q.11  Write short notes on any four of the following :

(a) Debit Cards

(b) Utility Ratings

( c) Public issues

(d) Rural Insurance

(e) Insurance Broker.


Q.1 Explain in brief the various components of the Financial System in India. Discuss the economic and financial functions of the Financial market.


Q.2 What are the different strategies which could be adopted by the financial services form to manager their credit risk and Asset Liability Gap risks?


Q.3 Elucidate the various stages at which venture capital funds provide finance to the venture capital undertakings and given details of the risks involved and the activities financed under each of these stages of financing.


Q.4 Explain the concept of Mutual Funds and distinguish between different types of Mutual fund products offered in India.


Q.5 what is meant by Asset Securitization? Describe the machinist of securitization and the benefits accruing to various parties involved therein.


Q.6 Explain the concepts of Mergers and Acquisitions. Highlight the steps that are involved in the process of merger and the motives behind mergers and acquisitions.


Q.7 What is the significance of housing finance? Explain the various institutions that are providing housing finance in India.


Q.8  Write short notes on any four

(a) Hire Purchase

(b) Pricing of Public Issues

( c) discount and Finance House  of India

(d) Floating rate bonds

(e) National Stock Market System

(f) Operating Lease


Q.9 Emphasize the role of the National Housing Bank as the apex bank in the field of housing finance. Given details of the directions issued by it for housing finance companies.


Q.10 Who are an Insurance Agent and Insurance Broker? What are the categories of insurancebrokers?  Discuss their functions.


Q.11  Write shot notes on any four:

(a) Dematerialization

(b) Public Liability Insurance

( c) Travel Insurance

(d) Hire Purchase System

(e) Bill Market Scheme for Exporters

(f) Electronic Commerce


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