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Ms-7 june 2008

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MS-7   june, 2008



1. Information technology has been used in every business and for every function of a business. Contextualize a business perspective of IT by discussing some applications of IT.

2. Highlight the relationship beh,veen data & information and information & knowledge. Discuss some characteristics that must be possessed by "information".

3. Discuss in detail the use of computers in marketing management. Also describe briefly major marketing information sub-systems.

4. What are outsourcing information systems ? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing. How can IT help in managing outsourcing ?

5. What are expert systems ? Mention the working principles of expert systems. Also discuss how knowledge can be represented in expert systems.

6. Write short notes on any two of the following :

a) Third Generation Language (3GL)

b) Business software solutions from Oracle

c) Soft switched-based applications

7 . Read the case given below and answer the questions given at the end. case : Teknosa, a leading Turkish Electronics chain Teknosa,Turkey's leading consumer electronics retail chain, has gong live with Oracle(r) Retail applications to support its aggressive expansion strategy and enhance service levels across its multiple sales channels. The implementation of the Oracle Retail Merchandising System, Oracle Retail Allocation and Oracle Retail category Management is enabling Teknosa to optimize inventory management, allocation and replenishment across its e-commerce and telephone channels as well as its ZSO stores as the retailer expands its operations across Turkey and neighbouring countries'

"The implementation of Oracle Retail applications is part of Teknosa's three year transformation programme designed to implement efficiencies and best practices thal will optimise our agility as we diversify our merchandise offerings, extend our domestic operations and expand into new territories," explained Mehmet T. Nane, General Manager of Teknosa. "The first phase of our go live has enabled us to enhance the allocation and replenishment processes supporting our drive to offer customers the best mix of global brands at the right price and in the right quantity whether they buy online, over the telephone, or in the store. "

The consumer electronics retail market in Turkey reached US$ 7.5 billion in 2007, resulting from an increased interest in innovative technology products and

the growth in multiple sales channels. Despite increasing competition in the market from foreign retailers with significant buying power, Teknosa had gained market

share and increased its revenues by 47 percent last year to US$ 807 million.

Established in 2000, Teknosa operates 230 stores across Turkey and an additional seven in Romania. Teknosa's expansion plans include extending its international reach into neighbouring countries, opening new store formats, expanding its merchandise from 5000 SKUs to more 10,000 SKUs and by opening a new store each week. It also intends to grow its customer retention strategy through the launch of a loyalty card programme.

       In November 2006, Teknosa selected Oracle Retail as the platform capable of supporting this aggressive growth strategy through the development of a best practices approach, following a series of successful pilots with Oracle and its partner, Accenture. As an existing Oracle E-Business Suite customer, Teknosa has benefited from rapid integration of the Oracle Retail merchandising applications.

Mehmet T. Nane continued, "our strategic relationship with Oracle has developed over the last six years and its credentials with global retail brands is helping us to implement best practices for retail processes, with a phased roadmap for delivering results and promoting rapid speed-to-value. In the first week after going live, Teknosa opened a new warehouse and four additional stores. "

"Teknosa is a great example of an emerging market retailer that understands the value of enhancing the customer experience in order to develop retail maturitV," said Patrick Bohannon, Vice President of EMEA, oracle Retail. "The

Oracle Retail applications that Teknosa has implemented are helping them to plan for the profitability of merchandise, improve the availability of key products domestically and proactively manage their international expansion strategy."

Questions :

(a) Critically comment on the impact of Oracle on Teknosa.

(b) "IT is a must for the businesses in the modern times. " Give two points in favour and two points against this statement.

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