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Define a steam turbine and state its fields of application

(2) State the methods of increasing the thermal efficiency of a Rankine cycle.

(3) State the First Law of 
Thermodynamics and prove that for a non-flow process, it leads to the energy equation Q = AU + W

(4) Define a steam condenser and state its fields of application.

(5) Explain briefly the zeroth law of Thermodynamics.

(6) Describe in brief the "bleeding of steam turbine".

(7) Derive an expression for heat loss in kJ/ m2-hr through a 
composite wall of layers without considering convective heat transfer co-efficients.

(8) Discuss the need for cooling towers and cooling ponds. How are cooling towers classified ?

(9) Enumerate the comparison between 'Fire-tube and Water-tube' boilers.

(10) Describe in brief the three modes of heat transfer. Which is the slowest of all?

(11) Briefly explain 
the ash handling disposal circuit of a Thermal Power Plant.

(12) What do you understand by the 'Clausius Statement of second law of Thermodynamics' ?

(13) Describe in brief the various non-conventional energy sources.

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