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                  CABIN CREW QUESTIONS

1. Explain about the development of aviation industry in India.

2. Discuss the 24 hour clock and the implications of time differences.

3. What are the advantages of working as cabin crew ?

4. List out recruitment criteria for cabin crew.

5. Elucidate the importance of customer service in airline business.

6. How will you handle passenger complaints ? Explain with examples.

7. What is etiquette ? Discuss the importance of etiquette and how it should be followed while serving meals.

8. Briefly explain the phonetic alphabet ? Mention the various phonetic alphabets.

9. Enumerate the pre-flight checks to be carried out by the cabin crew.

10. How is crew documentation carried out ? Discuss it in detail.

11. What are the general duties and responsibilities of a cabin crew ?

12. Write a note on the pre-flight checks to be carried out by the cabin crew.

13. Give the procedure of recruitment for cabin crew in detail.

14. Aviation Industry in world. - Discuss.

15. Explain how will you handle passenger complaints with examples.

16. Discuss the need and importance of world geography.

17. List out all the phonetic alphabets.

18. How will you link customer service with the aviation industry ?

19. What do you understand by the term Crew Documentation ? Give its features

20.Aviation Industry in India  Discuss.

21.What is the 24 hour clock? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of time differences.

22.List out the merits of working as cabin crew.

23.Explain about the recruitment criteria for cabin crew.

24.Customer service in airline business  Discuss.

25.What is crew documentation? Discuss it in detail.

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