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M.B.A. (INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS) annamalai university

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1. Choose one academic administrator and another public administrator and
conduct interview and then ask them how their job differs from that of business
managers. How do they know how well their department, institution or
organization is performing, Since profit is probably not one of the criteria for
assessing effectiveness and efficiency?
2. Design a interview schedule and conduct the interview a manager in your
locality and ask him how many subordinates he has. Are different numbers of
subordinates supervised at the top, the middle, and the bottom of the
organizational hierarchy? What really determines the span of management in
the organization.
3. “There are two notions about relationship between job satisfaction and
productivity: a happy worker is a productivity one; a happy worker is not
necessarily a productive one. Critically evaluate this statement and bring out the
situations under which each statement is true”.
4. “Planning is the basis, delegation is the key, information is the guide, and action
is the essence of control of.” Trace the relationship between control and other
functions with real life examples.
1. Make out a trial balance with imaginary figures. Draw the profit and Loss
Account and Balance sheets from in trial balance which you have constituted.
2. Price differences in different geographic segments make international accounting
a challenging Endeavour. How experts overcome this challenge?
3. Analyze the recent trends in harmonizing financial reporting efforts taken by
super national organizations.
4. Internationalization of accounting profession is the need for the hour –
Substantiate your answer with examples.
1. ‘Negative balance of trade creates so many problems in developing countries'.
Examine these statements on India’s point of view with suitable examples.
2. Export from India is helpful to correct the disequilibrium in the balance of
payments position in India, give your views and justify with examples.
3. “The changes in both supply and demand conditions influence a country’s
international terms of trade and volume of trade”. Justify it with suitable
4. Illustrate how the tariffs, quotas and subsidies affect domestic markets, and also
identify the winners, losers and net country welfare effects of protection.
1. Define international business environment how does the home country
environment influence foreign business operation of a firm? Explain?
2. There is a view that the future of world trade is going to be one of trade among
trade blocks rather than trade among nations. Give reasons for your answer.
3. Imagine that you are an engineer who has been offered a job as the CEO of a
large American MNC based in Dubai. What are the important cross cultural
issues you are likely to face and how would you resolve them?
4. Why are Japanese businesses worried about the EU-South Korea free trade
agreement? Why are Japanese Policy markers trying to sign a similar deal with
the EU? Discuss in the detail.
1. “Major global powers influenced the foreign policy of India-Now India is
gradually gaining momentum to influence the foreign polices of major powers”.
2. Explain the association between India and UNO. How can India play a vital role
in the policy formulation mechanism of the UNO?
3. Assume that you are Fidel Castro, What kind of trade relationship with the
United States would be in your interest? What type would be willing to accept?
4. What are some of the major factors that have influenced the yen/ dollar
exchange rate in the past decade? Have different factors become more important
at different times? If so, which ones?
1. Ethical dimensions of IT are often neglected, which lead to complications in
businesses. Explain in brief, the ethical and social dimensions of IT.
2. Assume that you are the design engineer of a retail company. The company
wants to automate the payment system. What are the factors that you would
consider while designing the electronic payment system?
3. Innovation in Information Technology has changed the way people think. List
out the major features of this innovation and how these features can be used to
develop a marketing strategy for the target market.
4. Whilst e-commerce related activities have grown substantially over the last few
years, some consumers are still unwilling to accept the on-line self service ecommerce business model. Explain why such a reluctance to accept it.
1. Assuming you are a Chief Personnel Manager of a leading MNC, draft a letter
calling a candidate for an interview in reply to his application for the position of
Chief Financial Executive.
2. Assume yourself as a Customer Relationship manager of a bank. You have
received a letter from your customers who have complained to you about the
rude behaviour of a computer clerk. Since the customer is an important person,
write a letter to convince the customer.
3. Define Agenda. Prepare an agenda for a newly started public organization and
explain the basic components of an agenda.
4. “You have recently joined a branch of a company as its manager. Write a report
to the head office on the defects in the routine work of the branch in detail”?
1. Suggest any suitable motivational theory for IT industry and substantiate your
2. “Attitude determines your Altitude”-Substantiate your views on this quote with
relevant corporate examples.
3. “A happy Worker is a productive worker”- Discuss in a behavioral perspective.
4. “Organisational development involves the development of organization in the
light of its future expansion plan”. Elaborate your views.

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