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 (1)  Differentiate between end bearing pile and friction pile.


 (2)  Explain pile driving.


(3)   Describe the various tests to be carried out to ascertain the quality of bricks.


(4)   Enlist types of stone masonry and explain any two.


(5)  Describe pre-construction anti-termite treatment.


(6)  Enlist different methods of damp proofing. Describe any two.


(7)  Enlist types of lintels and explain any two.


(8) What is meant by scaffolding ? Enlist types of scaffolding and explain any  two.


(9)  Enlist the factors that need to be considered in selection of flooring for ground floor.


(10)  Discuss jack arch floors.


(11)  Draw the labelled sketches of rolling and collapsible doors.


(12) Discuss the points to be considered while making provisions for windows in a  room.


(13)  Describe the various causes for settlement of foundations.


(14)  What do you mean by pile foundations ? Briefly discuss its various types.


(15)  Describe briefly the different systems of building structures.


(16)  What is a bond stone and what is its purpose ? At what intervals would you provide bond stones in random rubble masonrv ?


(17) Discuss the various precautions required to be taken to prevent dampness in   buildings.


(18) Explain how post construction anti-termite treatment is carried out in buildings.


(19) Explain the details of an RCC lintel having chajja projection by means of a neat   sketch.


(20)  Explain the various functions served by an Arch.


(21)  Discuss the various factors affecting the selection of upper floors.



(22) Describe the construction details of cement concrete flooring.


(23) Discuss the commonly used sizes of doors in various types of buildings.


(24) Describe the various types of glass used in the construction of doors and windows.


(25) Explain the design of a wall footing.


(26)  Discuss the importance of site investigations.


(27) Describe the different functions served by cavity wall in a building.


(28) Discuss the impotance of good workmanship and quality control in masonry construcrion.


(29) Discuss the relative merits of lintels over the arches.


(30) What do you understand by scaffolding mention its various components.


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